Engines Of Thunder

Engines Of Thunder
1 Engines Of Thunder

About Album

The instrumental song “Engines Of Thunder” is stylistically a “tip-of-the-hat” to the early Satriani & Hendrix vibe when there was strong emphasis on composition and lyrical soloing with catchy hooks and unique twists in the guitar playing.

“Engines Of Thunder” was recorded in Apple Logic Pro X with the Universal Audio Apollo Twin X QUAD and the Blackstar 100 Series One valve guitar amp.

During Mixing and Mastering the Neve 1084 Preamp & EQ and Sonnox Oxford Limiter v2 delivered the final punch and sleek finish to “Engines Of Thunder”.

Guitar of choice is a hot rodded Jackson USA Signature Adrian Smith San Dimas Stratocaster with a EVH D-Tuna System set up by B & D Guitar Repair and run thru a Morley DJ Ashba Skeleton Wah Pedal for that classic Wah-Wah sound.

“Engines Of Thunder” is now LIVE on all digital platforms.

Release Date
June 10, 2013

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