Pacifica Studios is a professional boutique State-Of-The-Art Pro Tools HD 12 & Logic Pro X recording studio that specializes in precise Mixing and Mastering. Drum session transfers are welcome from other studios and recording of Vocal, Guitar, Bass and Piano or any type of single instrument are possible for your project.

We record with the Blue BRS1 Bottle Rocket Mic Locker and endorse Blue Microphones, our piano is a 1989 White Baby Grand Young Chang and we have a fantastic selection of 22 high end guitars and basses. New Line 6 Helix processing and the best in Waves, Avid and Apple Logic plugins are available for your sessions. This massive collection of plug-ins fuel creativity and are a powerful source of inspiration that allow for rich layers to shape your session sound.

Rates for Tracking, Mixing or Mastering are $40.00 per hour | 480.209.5309 |